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Ethereum: Vitalik Buterin argues against Hard Fork

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The announcement by Bitmain to bring an Ethereum ASIC Miner on the market, made in the Ethereum Community for a lot of conversation and heated discussions. Calling for a Hard Fork, to ASIC to exclude the Miner for the Ethereum network and to destroy its possibilities of use for the Mining.

Vitalik Buterin speaks, however, of all opposition, Despite, against a Hard Fork. The designs of Buterin coming from a developer meeting, where the market has been debating the introduction of the Anminer E3 from Bitmain for the Ethereum network. Many developers, in contrast to Buterin argued for a Hard Fork.

Piper Merriam, Core-developer, submitted a proposal to maintain provides for GPU-Mining as the primary mining mechanism.

As we already reported, has Bitmain throw officially confirmed a Antminer E3 series already in may on the market. The Antminer is supposed to be able to generate a power output of 800 watts at a minimum of 180 MH / s. Through a wide dissemination of the Antminer for Mining in the Ethereum network, it would be an undesirable centralization of Mining Power, which should be prevented in any case.

At the Meeting, Buterin said that a premature hasty decision was necessary:

Getting everybody to upgrade is likely to be fairly chaotic and detract from more important things. So, at this point I personally lean quite significantly towards no action.

The Ethereum Community is divided at this point and there is disagreement prevails, as the Roadmap in this dispute will look point.

Ethereums Community Manager Hudson Jameson said that the Code of Ethereum will pass from may, a five-month-long verification process. Nevertheless, James makes it clear that the efforts to carry out a Hard Fork, regardless of the opinion of a Core Developer, further progress can be:

If the community truly wants this to happen and has a good enough reason, we can definitely do that, but for right now it sounds like the consensus of the core devs to not do anything at this time.

It remains open at this stage in which direction the Community will go, if a Hard Fork will take place or not.

Currently the Roadmap of Ethereum is to implement a combination of PoW and PoS. The effective reward of the Miner is lowered from 3 Ether to 0.6 Ether, and Mining in General, less attractive.

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