Ensure Timmermans to forced retirement for 27 Polish judges

42c6c088e7750f1ea398ab457f8481e0 - Ensure Timmermans to forced retirement for 27 Polish judges

STRASBOURG – Of the 72 judges of the Polish Supreme court there is a threat about three weeks 27 with forced retirement. Frans Timmermans is very concerned about and is going on Monday again to Warsaw to work with the government to talk about the rule of law. That runs according to the vice-president of the European Commission in serious danger.

Frans Timmermans

Timmermans started in december is the hardest instrument (article 7), making Poland the right to vote in the EU could lose. The past few months, the nationalist government made some concessions, but major problems are rather always remain unsolved, said the Dutchman in the European Parliament.

Also, other components of the justice system threaten according to Timmermans, under political control. Poland should justice reform, as long as the independence of the judiciary but not in the case, says Timmermans. “I hope we find a solution. It must lead to concrete results, and the recovery of the rule of law.”

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