Disney shows first footage of Tim Burton’s Dumbo

43ced1e37a355efdad643f060f3d2974 - Disney shows first footage of Tim Burton's Dumbo

Disney has come up with a new liveaction movie. After ” Belle and the Beast’ and ‘Jungle Book’ is also the classic ‘Dumbo’ is a new twist. Today we see the first images of Dumbo.

A real elephant, with a pretty large viewers. With his gigantic ears, he is a funny attraction in the circus of Max Medici. At the request of the owner is a former circusster Holt Farrier, played by Colin Farrell, in for the care of Dumbo. When Holt’s children discover that the elephant is a special power, the expectations are high. Is Dumbo the new star of the circus? The story is taken in hand by director Tim Burton. It is a mix of liveaction and computer animations. In addition to Farrell, we can also see Eva Green, Danny DeVito and Michael Keaton on the screen. The film appears 27 march 2019 in the cinema. But, you do need a mosquito no elephants. In the trailer you can already have a first flight on Dumbo. Let you overwhelm.

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