Dismissal of minister of Culture shows how fragile Spanish government is

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The Spanish minister of Culture, Màxim Huerta, has resigned his post offered. The left-wing party Podemos and Partido Popular had claimed that he resigned because he taxes had been ripped off.

That goes quickly. The Spanish government is less than a week to post or they will lose all of its prime minister. Màxim Huerta, the minister of Culture and Sport has resigned his post after the left party Podemos and the conservative Partido Popular, therefore, had requested. The left party found it inappropriate that the minister was condemned for tax fraud.

Huerta had a little company founded with which he, as a television presenter, less taxes to pay. It is a system that many employees of the television, here in Belgium, use. Huerta had between 2006 and 2008 218.332 euro too little taxes paid and he was therefore sentenced to pay a fine of 366.000 euros. What he has done.

Also within the PSOE, the party that has the minority government, was criticized, after prime minister Pedro Sánchez said that he has confidence in his minister retained and settle with his explanation. But then Sánchez pointed out in a statement that he 215 had done. He said that ‘as a political responsible a company has been established for less taxes to pay, he is not my government might belong.’

Huerta known that he Noted had not been informed of his condemnation.

Unsteady in the saddle

Huerta is not yet seven days minister. His quick dismissal shows how shaky the government Sánchez sit in the saddle. It has only 84 of the 350 seats in the parliament and can, therefore, not afford to to one of the other political parties against him in the harness to hunt.

Moreover, the theme of ‘corruption’ and ‘fraud’ is very sensitive. The previous government, under the leadership of prime minister Rajoy (Partido Popular) after a motion of no cases when it appeared that the party of black money in her partijkas had. In these circumstances, the minority government of Sánchez ‘whiter than white’.

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