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Decentralized Player merge: TRON buys BitTorrent Inc.

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TRON-founder Justin Sun has purchased the company behind the P2P file-sharing Protocol BitTorrent. The billions of dollars in TRON platform, the decentralization of the network on the flags.

In the last month, rumors about the purchase made the rounds, now it is officially confirmed: Blockchain-entrepreneur and founder of the decentralised TRON-platform, Justin Sun, BitTorrent Inc. bought. The Takeover began in September 2017, as the Sun has, for the first time spoke with the P2P companies. In the meantime, there were a few difficulties, since BitTorrent Inc. contrary to the agreements with other interested parties met. Sun issued a temporarily restraining order. This is, however, out of the world, BitTorrent Inc. changed his name in rain berry Inc. and Sun, registered at the beginning of the year, a company under the name rain berry Acquisition, Inc.

According to media reports, the Management of BitTorrent Inc. his employees are instructed not to take any Details of the purchase to the press. So far, so there is no information on the purchase sum, but Justin Sun is likely to be liquid enough for such a Takeover. With a market capitalization of currently $ 3.1 billion TRONs cryptocurrency TRX stands on the tenth place in CoinMarketCap. The Sun, founded in TRON Foundation of $ 1.6 billion.

TRON plans to the decentralisation

The TRON Foundation is officially recognized as a Non-Profit organization. The goal of this project is nothing Less than the decentralisation of the network. With the TRON-platform, it should be possible, data is decentralized exchange. So, App-developers, for example, not more on the structures of Apple or Android dependent, if you provide your Software a large amount of users. Similar to Ethereum, on the Blockchain TRON based, Smart Contracts, the execution of various processes. The crypto-currency TRX wants to be superior to Ethereums ETH, however, particularly with regard to the scalability – up to 10,000 transactions per second should be possible. In September 2017, the TRON project started officially at the end of may Justin Sun launched the Mainnet.

What emerges from the Fusion of BitTorrent and TRON?

BitTorrent launched over a decade ago, its Mission is to make the network decentralized. The Open-Source Protocol made it possible to share large amounts of data between many users (Peers), without the need for a Central Server is necessary. A Torrent divides a file into many small pieces, spread in a P2P network. Any individual can download parts from the original Uploader (Seeder) and from other Peers, and it must act at the same time as the Uploader.

How exactly is BitTorrent in TRONs Vision of a decentralised network fits in, is not yet known. It is well possible that soon, a more advanced Form of P2P sharing, which works with a Blockchain. The founder of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen, has turned to a new project, the Eco-Altcoin Chia.

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