Commission launches independent hotline for undesirable behavior

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The Dutch cultural sector is launching Wednesday a new independent hotline for undesirable behavior. The website should be a central place where anyone working in the performing arts, film and television sector abuses can be brought.

The hotline is widely supported. Among the thirty supporting organizations include the trade unions of actors, directors, producers and scriptwriters, film institute Eye, all the big Dutch festivals and the umbrella organisations of the Dutch theatres and theatrical producers’.

Two independent representatives, all the notifications which are in the come to treat. You can also report anonymously. It is intended that on every complaint within a day responded, but the aim is already within a few hours of contact with the informant. It is then determined what to do with the message happens. If it is a serious message, can a formal complaint be filed with the organisations or person to whom it is or may be reported to the police to be done.


“We are committed to a safe and healthy work environment, where everyone has a place to abuse and can report with certainty also to be heard without fear”, says director Yolande Melsert of the Dutch Association for performing arts on behalf of the thirty organisations.

The website from Wednesday morning online. The initiative was developed after castingdirector Job Gosschalk of the mighty agency Kemna Casting in november admitted themselves guilty of misconduct. The investigation of the police and the Public Ministry to Gosschalk and Kemna Casting has not yet been completed.

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