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Cocoa-daughter Ground X: The humanitarian Blockchain

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Ground X, a subsidiary of South Korea’s Messenger market leader in the cocoa, would like to meet using the Blockchain technology to social problems. In the process, GroundX, it also aims for the cooperation with the public sector.

Since March rumors, the Chat giant cocoa wants to be set up in the area of the Blockchain to better circulate. With Ground X, the company founded a subsidiary dedicated dedicated with the Blockchain technology.

The company wants to see blockchain-based solutions for tasks in the public and social sector. The Pro-government Seoul Digital Foundation to support the cocoa-daughter. With Dr. Jong Gun Lee is also a Big Data recruiting expert who was in front of it for the United Nations.

While cocoa in terms of concrete projects still covered, gave Lee at an event already some examples of application: the technology could help to monitor the temperature of sensitive vaccines. This is particularly important for developing countries.

Another example is Lee provided with the opportunity to transfer money directly to coffee farmers to a new level with the quality of their products is satisfied. Also, Filipino women who work in Singapore and elsewhere, could benefit from the Blockchain: for Example, fees for money sent to them could be on their families is significantly reduced.

Ground-X-boss: Blockchain “not a panacea”

Company Director Han Jae-sung, meanwhile, tries to dampen the Blockchain-euphoria a little. So the Blockchain was “not a panacea”. He was pursuing a “hybrid approach” that combines trusted the “trusted part” of the Blockchain with the existing, company-internal processes.

Similar to had Ground in March already-X co-founder John Su-voiced by yong:

“Ground X […] will explore the Blockchain with the goal of a leading Position in the Asian technology sector. To achieve this goal, is Ground X and make its Blockchain available to the Public […] and new, combine blockchain-based services with cocoa existing services.“

This is the South Korean news Agency Yonhap News reported.

The cooperation of the Ground X and the Seoul Digital Foundation is a further example of the potential of the Blockchain in the social field.

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