Coach Iran angry for a boycott of Nike

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MOSCOW – national Coach Carlos Queiroz of Iran demands apology from Nike. The American manufacturer of sporting goods refuses to accept the Iranian players of shoes. Nike may not, because of the sanctions that president Donald Trump has proclaimed against Iran.

Coach Carlos Queiroz of Iran gives his players instructions during training

,,As an American company we can at this time, the players of Iran, not with shoes”, had Nike been recently in a statement. That was wrong with Queiroz. ,,Personally, I find that an unnecessary statement. Everyone knows the sanctions. They should apologise, because this arrogant attitude towards the 23 boys is absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. It gives us more inspiration for this world cup.”

Iran, the tournament starts Friday in St.-Petersburg against Morocco. Queiroz is counting on his aanvalsleider Mehdi Taremi and midfielder Ashkan Dejagah, who with physical difficulties. ,,We have what blessurezorgen, but we think everyone Friday fit,” said the Portuguese coach.

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