Cameo of Matt Damon from ‘Ocean’s 8’ cut after statements about #MeToo

7e03219926ad3fc058c2314c24bda1d4 - Cameo of Matt Damon from 'Ocean's 8' cut after statements about #MeToo

The brief appearance of Matt Damon in the spionagekomedie ‘Ocean’s 8’, about a group of women who are a prey to commit during a liefdadigheidsbal, was from the final version of the film cut, know entertainmentsite NME. The intervention came after several statements, that the celebrated actor last year had done about sexual harassment in film industry.

“It is a turning point, and that is great. But there is almost not spoken about the countless men, which I also worked, who do that sort of thing (sexual harassment, ed.) do not”, said Damon in an interview with Business Insider.

That ruling unleashed almost immediately a storm of protest on the internet. There was a petition started that called for the removal of Damon from ‘Ocean’s 8’, a film in which female stars like Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, and Mindy Kaling play the leading role. That campaign gathered over 28,000 signatures. The actor apologized then and had noted that he “had to listen to” before to be involved in the debate.

Or the decision to have Damon from the movie to delete actually was entered by the uproar around his statements isn’t clear.

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