Blatter let openingsduel world cup despite the invitation to go beyond

Sepp Blatter is Thursday, not present at the openingsduel between Russia and Saudi Arabia at the world cup, although the former chairman of the FIFA has an invitation from president Vladimir Putin on bag.

The 82-year-old Swiss shows, through his spokesperson know that he is missing in Moscow. When he does go to Russia, remains unclear.

Blatter was between 1998 and 2015 president of FIFA. He decided three years ago to resign, just after he was re-elected as chairman.

His involvement in the corruption scandal within the football association played a role in Blatter is until October 7, 2021 suspended for all activities in football, but may still contests visit.

A year ago, let Blatter know that he is definitely going to be on the world cup to show. “I’m going to definitely go to the world cup. Putin has invited me. I was not allowed as the referee used to be, but I can do anything”, he said.


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