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Avoid Scams and warn you: you will find a fair ICOs

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The popularity of ICOs is growing among investors in the year 2018. According to a Coin Schedule report have taken ICO-projects in the first 5 months of the year, 200% more, than in the year 2017 – nearly 10 million US dollars. Investors can earn good money. A Boston College Carroll School of Management expert found that, on average, 82% of the profit goes to those that support ICO project. Analysts predict that there will be 2018, a new record – the record is currently held by EOS that 4 billion dollars collected dollars.

The ICO-Flow, grows. Are you interested in healthcare? There is a Corrugated platform that connects patients and Doctors. Want to create your own crypto currency? Then you should support the Hero, the Startup that makes it only two clicks of the mouse. Are you excite for eSports? You invest in the Game Stars, the help, tournaments for male to monetize.

It is obvious that many scammers are pushing in consequence of such demand to the market. It is estimated by the consulting company Satis Group LLC, that 80% of all analyzed ICOs are scams and only 8% of the projects manage to be on a crypto-currency stock exchange listed. So how do you recognize a Scam?

“You are just as smart as before?”

It doesn’t matter how much you believe in people, you have to start at the “soul-less” documents. The most important document of every ICO in the white paper. Here you will find the plans of the team to collect around a million with your Token. The project, its use and plans, business plan and market analysis should be included in the white paper – it should be a decent presentation for the Investor. It is of advantage, if the paper parts of the code that contains Links to a Repository and the technical Details of the project.

The easiest way to find out if the project fits to you: you have understood nothing in these documents, and they are just as smart as before. You don’t think that you don’t have to know as a Non-Techie enough background to understand the project with complicated technical terms and calculations. Quite often there is a fraud hiding behind clever words.

“Bam! and you have started“

Check the dates and objectives of the project while reading the documents. It is the second important document – the Roadmap. It should contain detailed information about additional promotions and appointments. First of all, you should be in all of the documents and appropriate evaluation of the same. Do not expect the publication of the project a month after the Fundraising Phase, when there is not even a prototype. And Yes, the prototype is a good sign for a fair project. If the project promises a super fast time, it might be a Scam.

“What is the address…”

Read more the documents. Check the registration of a legal address, your existence (easy to find in Google Maps). Check the Domain and what country the Website is registered. How long have you been in existence? It was created only a few days in advance, only for the ICO end? Ideally, the project should have some success and a Community around it. You can check the ICO reviews on or .

“Who are these people”

If the documents are in order, it’s time to check the Team and its past. The Website should have information on at least a part of the team. It is the right time to be modest – if you do not see the list of references of people, your Portfolio (preferably in the same area), there is a reason to Doubt about what you can actually afford. Google the name, contact information, addresses, and check out social network profiles are also a good sign. You can also reach an Advisor to the project and other investors (for example, – it’s more fun to take a risk.

“Where have I seen that”

The laziest Scam-producers just copy other sites, project descriptions, and other information. Check the Website for plagiarism.

“A lot of money,”

There are no miracles – if you have the feeling “Now will change my life completely!”, after you have read the information about the project – I’m sorry, but then it will be very likely a Scam. Appropriate ICOs to offer huge profit, cosmic’s recommendations and assure you no minimum risks. Don’t fall for the classic Ponzi scheme – a promise of high profits, and guarantees.

“Half the Kingdom”

Watch the project carefully – what you get for your Investment? Learn more about the tokens – how the currency works, what the Blockchain it uses, why the Token value could win, whether there are bonuses for Token-holder. The most important thing is – what value will represent the Token after the end of the ICO Phase.

The Team usually offers a share of the profits, discounts for services and products of the project, Tokens can also be used as internal means of payment used. There should be no problems with the payout. The currencies should be issued with a publicly accessible code (Open-Source). This does not mean that the project is not a Scam, if the Code is public, but sometimes it turns out that a non-public Code means its total absence.

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