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Announcement: EU-Blockchain-research centre invites you to the Blockchain-question hour

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The official research centre of the European Union to Blockchain-technologies, the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, invites you to the question-hour, round-the Distributed Ledger solutions. It will in the next week, a 90-minute Ask-Me-Anything , for all interested EU citizens. The organization wants to bring you the in media, business and politics, omnipresent technology, and about their work to educate. The event is on 18. June 18 at the YouTube channel of the Institution live.

The Blockchain has arrived in the Mainstream. She has managed in the current coalition agreement, it adorns the headlines of Newspapers around the world, almost every major Corporation is experimenting with it. Discussions about the “Blockchain Revolution” as a technology of the future are ubiquitous.

While it seems that, nowadays, most people have stumbled in one Form or another over the term, will not be each exactly clear what is hidden behind the phrase of the Distributed Ledger technologies.

This is the goal of the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, the official research Institute and Observatory of the European Union, now change. In the context of a 90-minute question time, the organization offers to all Interested parties this coming Monday, the 18th. June, the Chance to ask their questions. Here, you can have your concerns around the technology, live and directly by the representatives of the Institute to clarify.

On the agenda first of all fundamental questions about the function and application of a Distributed Ledger to technology. Then you look at their future potential.

The organization advertises on its Homepage with “detailed explanations” and “interactive discussions with Panel participants”. This should lift the fog around the technology and its application possibilities.

Interested can send your questions now using the Hashtag #AMAblockchain @EUBlockchain. These will be answered next Monday from 18 watch live via the YouTube channel of the organization.

EU Blockchain – Europe as a Blockchain-leader cementing

The in the February founded Blockchain Observatory has made the task of Innovation and application of the Blockchain areas, especially in the field of management to explore areas of the European Union. As it says on their Website, they aim “to cement Europe’s Position as a global leader in the new and revolutionary transformation of the [Blockchain] technology”.

The main partner to the European Parliament’s Initiative, launched in the Ethereum-a company ConsenSys, as well as the University of Southampton, the University of Lucerne, the Knowledge Media Institute and the University College London.

In April, the European Commission in the framework of its Digital Day funding of up to a total of 380 million Euro for Blockchain projects. As a first application field, the representatives of the member States investigated in this context, Blockchain solutions to common cross-border information systems for the digital single market.

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