American record deal for Scala’s hardrockproject ‘Brides of Lucifer’

e3b086b6d09dd14af65e0b0a14d80cdf - American record deal for Scala's hardrockproject 'Brides of Lucifer'

‘Brides of Lucifer’, he sewed himself that the Aarschotse meisjeskoor Range last summer started, has a record deal signed with the American label Rhino. On June 29, brings the group from this label, a first album “Brides of Lucifer”. The group includes thirteen Range-singers and pianist Steven Kolacny musicians such as Koen Buyse (Zornik), Yannick De Pauw (Vigilante), Joeri Van de Schoot (Evil Invaders) and Yves Mergaerts (Kick, TPO).

The group debuted last year as one of the headliners on the metalfestival Graspop in Dessel and has appeared in concert a few months later, in a sold-out Brussels at AB. The combination of the heavenly female vocals and brutal guitars and drums got rave reviews. This summer they are on the poster of the metaldag at the Lokerse Feesten (August 5) and the metalfestival Alcatraz (10 August).

On the first album of the group covers such as, ‘Walk’ (Pantera), ‘Holy Diver’ (Dio), ‘Burn in Hell (Twisted Sisters) and ‘South of Heaven’ (Slayer). In addition to the covers, contains the album also includes two self-written songs (‘Futility’ and ‘White Moon’). The music will be from the end of June also are available for download and via the streamingplatformen.

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