Amaryllis Temmerman gives WK-single away for free

8f67a144c08ac58bce5eb82de11d967b - Amaryllis Temmerman gives WK-single away for free

Amaryllis Temmerman released a few weeks ago her new single “Beautiful Dream” and the song knew it in the second week to the 14th place in the Flemish Ultratop to kick. A fresh song that summer happiness radiates with a melody where you don’t sit still.

In a devilish mood wrote Amaryllis also a voetbalversie of this single. Although this is not for publication, was intended, responded to all the friends and acquaintances that number showed to hear wildly enthusiastic, and they tried her to convince the number. After some hesitation and further assess decided Amaryllis: “If Karen Damen a plate can create, I can also be a supporterslied for our Red Devils”.

Flanders misses according to her, a really supporterslied for the Red Devils for this world cup. There are in the last months by different artists, though some attempts have been made but nothing gave that typical supportersgevoel, which voetbalvibe where you are simultaneously cheerful and euphoric. There is the “world Champion” change. And that can also apparently without berenpak and without Russian language mistakes.

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