Affair Kenyan comes painfully to light

f6828e6f59aceceb9d340ae9a6a72540 - Affair Kenyan comes painfully to light

Kitale – The affair of a married man from Kitale, Kenya, is in a painful way has come to light. Hotel guests heard screams from the hotel room where the man is the love tried to companies with his mistress. When the emergency services on the spot came, they saw that the man with his genitals trapped in the woman. Doctors had the lovebirds free.

According to Nairobi News, the man was the for business in Kitale, while his wife at home in the town of Lodwar. According to local media drew the man and his mistress so much attention that the police warning shots had to solve in order to pave the way through the crowd.

How the two meet each other, stuck, is not known.

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