Youp van ’t Hek had actually don’t hate Buckler

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Youp van ’t Hek had in 1989, do not expect his jokes about the non-alcoholic beer Buckler so it would catch on. The comedian made it virtually single-handedly for the new brand very quickly from the market disappeared.

Buckler was one of the recurring topics in the first oudejaarsvoorstelling that Van ’t Hek made, and that by more than three million viewers was seen. The show was an attack on the burgermansbestaan. After the year-old conference went downhill fast with the image of Buckler, Heineken the brand two years later withdrew.

Van ’t Hek was overwhelmed by the huge success of the broadcast on december 31, 1989. “I didn’t understand it well. I had never envisaged that the Buckler-jokes that would catch”, looks he in the newspaper back. More than a joke it was for the then 35-year-old comedian also not. “I had no objection to the Buckler or any non-alcoholic beer, but against the type that drank: that zeikerige brother-in-law or that schijtlollige son-in-law.”

Interestingly enough, kept a Buckler in the other countries stand. In Spain, France, germany, Greece and Russia was the brand for many years a great success. The comedian spoke later someone from the board of directors of Heineken. “Who told me that my jokes about Buckler Heineken also well matched. Because then they could say to me was that Buckler so bad was sold. They had the self ress settled, it was not a good stuff. I gave just a little push, but she could to me.”

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