Wiegman is superlatives deficit for Martens

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With a placed shot helped Lieke Martens of the Dutch football in injury time is still a victory against Slovakia (1-0) in world cup qualification.

Coach Sarina Wiegman sings along with the national Anthem.

“Of course it is no coincidence that they scored”, wonder coach Sarina Wiegman. “She is of pure class.”

Where most of her teammates teleurstelden in a sold-out Abe Lenstra stadium, there was Martens occasionally actions that graceful outside players of her colleagues when the men did think. Hakballetje here, ball through the legs of the opponent there.

Her best lash-out saved them for the extra time. “What a goal”, shouted Wiegman. “And what a year for her.”

Martens won last year’s European title with the Netherlands. She was elected best football player of that tournament, and later as the best football player of Europe and the whole world. The men of Barcelona have Messi, and the women Martens. “She is really very well known,” said Wiegman. “They can sometimes even be tricky on the street.”

Wiegman was more nervous and more nervous in the final, so well known to them. Orange got a lot of opportunities, but came without the existing striker Vivianne Miedema, but not to score. “Slovakia was still without points, but I found them to be good defending. Fortunately, we score yet, that is really important.”

As Norway on August 31, also wins from Slovakia, Orange in a direct duel on 4 september in Oslo to a point enough for the group profit, and a direct ticket for the world cup next year in France. “After this victory we have to a draw against Norway was sufficient, confident Wiegman. “Of course, is that a big job but without this victory, we must win. If we are second than we can in the play-offs for the world cup but we need it in Norway to decide.”

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