What have they eaten?

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In a historic meeting to hear a historic lunch. With shrimp in advance and Häagen-Dazs for dessert.

The reporters, tried and gemazzeld in the follow of the White House have also in Singapore from their best side shown. We know, thanks to them, what both leaders and their entourage have eaten during their meal.


Not surprisingly early perhaps: a traditional prawn cocktail with avocado. There was also a mango with a lemon dressing and fresh octopus. And for Kim to be completely at ease to make, there was also Korean stuffed cucumber;

Main course

A piece of beef with a gratin dauphinois, broccoli in a red wine sauce. In addition, the lord also opt for sweet and sour crunchy pieces of pork and Yanghzou fried rice with homemade XO chili sauce. Daegu Jorim mentions the map menu: braised cod with radishes and Asian vegetables.


A tart filled with a ganache of black chocolate. An ice-cream (vanilla) of the American Haagen-Dasz with kersencoulis. And there was also a Tarte tropézienne (for the first time, made in Saint-Tropez, Wikipedia knows: the cake consists of a round slice of baked dough that are horizontally cut in half. Both slices are sprinkled with orange – or rosewater. Both parts are to each other with sandwiching buttercream and pastry cream. The cake is sprinkled with icing sugar).

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