Westerhof: “Lozano can serve as an example’

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If there is a new Hirving Lozano walking around in Pachuca? “Yes, there are lots of players that Lozano chase can go,” assures Wout Westerhof, since seven years employed in the youth of the Mexican football club.

Hirving Lozano

“The level of the Mexican youth football is going anyway by leaps and bounds. When Lozano with me in the national team under 17 years of sitting, dominated us the league. Now the opposition is much better. Even the mediocre clubs play a lot georganiseerder. I have last season to be proud felt, because Pachuca is the first Mexican clubs are going to invest in the youth.”

The talents of Pachuca live near the sports complex. Sleep there, eat, they train and they go to school. “We try to find the best players of the country at a young age, engagement and appointment of the national youth teams. The goal is to have guests the whole process to run in the first team to play and they for a lot of money to sell. As in Lozano.”

Mental guidance

In terms of mental guidance for Pachuca is still a world to win. “There is a lot of talent is lost because some guys quit when there is strong headwind. Lozano can as the good example, because he has at the right time the mental switch. I think that in the future there will be more guys to go to Europe.” Itself has Wout a two year contract with Pachuca. “I’m sitting here tentatively good.”

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