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VRT fined after ‘excessive attention’ in ‘Daily routine’

VRT fined after ‘excessive attention’ in ‘Daily routine’

The Flemish Regulator for the Media (VRM), the independent regulator for the Flemish audiovisual media, explains One a fine of 12,500 euros for product placement in the cooking show Everyday.

The VRM determines that a product of the brand “Pur Natur” prominently came into the picture in the broadcast of the Daily Cost of 2 February. The media decree, let the product placement, but there are certain conditions attached. So may, among other things, excessive attention to brands or products.

The logo of the brand in question was ” during the two minutes of the fourteen minute program is clearly visible and central in the picture. Therefore, there is excessive attention’, says the VRM.

The VRM held to determine the sanction take into account the fact that the program in prime time was broadcast and a large number of viewers has been reached, and that the VRT previously for a similar violation in the same program was punished.

Also last year, the VRM that is a product of the same brand of “excessive attention”. The supervisor then explained a fine of 10,000 euro.

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