VIDEO – Neymar shows his team mate by a full coat

763bb7d97cb0a8208d9478da7af911d8 - VIDEO - Neymar shows his team mate by a full coat

Philippe Coutinho has Tuesday of his teammates as a very special gift for his 26th birthday.

Philippe Coutinho gets the full layer.

The Brazilian midfielder was during a training of The Divine Canary unexpectedly pelted with eggs and flour. Neymar was on the field in Sochi the one who took the lead.

Coutinho could laugh at the action, but wanted the incident is not without a struggle to let go. The attacker of FC Barcelona continued a moment later, the chase in on Neymar, but it proved in vain.

A moment later, had to be the star of PSG, however, still to believe, as well as Corinthians defender Fagner, who in the past came out for PSV. Play fourth a day before his 29th birthday.

Philippe Coutinho tries smeersmel of his face to wipe.

Also Fagner it should believe.


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