VI-men’s get off to Humberto Tan

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During the first broadcast of VI Orange Stays at Home, was Humberto Tan quite dragged through the mire. The VI-men were unanimous: the last week of Tan in RTL Late Night was, according to them, ridiculous.

Johan Derksen

“I have mesmerized to say goodbye to Humberto. That has, in five years, talkshowtje done. That started nice, but then it became one big mess, an embarrassment, and he was discharged”, according to Johan Derksen. “That will be a farewell for five days, as if he were a hundred years worldshow presented. I’ve been here 21 years, I’m about 4 years away, so maybe we can tonight to say goodbye to start. What is that for bullshit?”

“He was really ready, huh’

It is clear that the frustration is sincere, and he sincerely does not understand where the praise for Tan is based. “I have in a week’s time twenty slijmballen coming along who just did or Humberto our lord.” René van der Jibe at the totally agree with the rant of Derksen. “At one time it went just too far. I went in the evening to watch Humberto. That’s what André Hazes take a number and sing for him. Well, I swear to you: I had really bijgezeten whether I am in the sauna sat. I was sweating, I was shaking, I had by that editorial said: “Boys, please, this is going much too far.’ But he ontspánde. He loved it”


After the men to the conscious fragment have watched, going Of of the Jibe further. “As you say but let it happen, then you just really somehow taken a wrong turn. If you are in the editors says: “This went a little too far.’” Derksen fills him in: “They need him against himself in protection. An editor should say: “This you need not do more.’ I had to puke that episode when the family Staged the home and then you get this again over it. He was really ready, huh, you saw it? He takes himself much too seriously. If you look who is in front of the tv, the necessary means have: Mies Bouwman and Willem Duys, Willem Noise, you name it. But this. I mean come on, with that kutprogramma, come on.”

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