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Update to the Verge of Crowdfunding, and the new partnership

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As we reported last week, leads the Kryptowährung Verge is currently in a Crowdfunding, the new Verge, Coins collected, on the one hand, the development of Verge promote, on the other hand, a partnership to complete a “Gamechanger”.

The goal of the Crowdfunding, it is an amount of 75 million XVG to collect. With the XVG Coins, the following objectives are to be implemented:

  • Integration and support of the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets
  • Wraith Protocol for iOS Wallets
  • global marketing actions
  • Partnership with “secret” company

In particular, the development team should be strengthened. So far, it is so that the Verge is being developed by one main developer, Justin Vendetta (aka Sunerok), as well as a number of specialized developers and volunteers, and marketed. If the project is to continue to grow, there is a need for urgent additional support, with the other crypto-currencies in the Top 30 compete.

Since our last article, many Update have been announced. In the Update 2 (Video below) from the 25.03.2018 Justin Vendetta has announced that, to date, approximately 1,850 people, have donated a total of 18.3 million Verge. Thus, the target of 50 million is Verge but still a whole piece.

Update 1 was on Saturday, 24. March published:

In the Video, Vendetta explained that the new Roadmap will be released soon. The new web site of the Verge was on 24.03. published and the Merchandise Store should be almost finished. In addition, the to Saturday collected amount (16.6 million Verge) is sufficient to enable the Integration and support of the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets.

The question of who will be the new Partner, do not want to answer Sunerok in the Video, but because he signed a confidentiality statement. He says only this much, that it is “an industry leader” and that will be the message so big, that even the “Mainstream media” reports about it.

In the second Update Video from yesterday’s Sunday Sunerok explains that a part of the collected from the Verge is to be used to pass the potential partner company a certain amount of Verge. On the question of what happens if the crowdfunding goal is not reached, he answers that the partnership will not come about.

The iOS Wallet will be Ritten in the development very far.

Crowdfunding vs. ICO

In our view, Crowdfunding is a legitimate means to capital for the further development of the company to collect. In contrast to many other crypto projects, the Verge has already a working System, which has so far received no funding, for example, by an ICO.

Instead of investing in an ICO, the development of the project is uncertain, the investment in Verge, from our point of view a reasonable Investment. At this point, we give @TeoCore absolutely right.

The Roadmap of Verge, provides, among other things, the Integration of Rootstock Smart Contracts. The Rootstock (RSK)-the Blockchain is currently still in development. She is a Smart Contract platform, which can communicate via the Sidechain technology with the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Furthermore, it is to give this year a security Audit, what is the last doubt as to the safety and anonymity of Verge clearing, and much-needed validation as a safe and secure private crypto-currency.

In sum, the Verge of the course currently appears to be strongly from the expectations of the investor driven. The partnership should not come because of not reaching the Crowdfunding target is reached, there is, in our view, the risk that the stock price could have a significant break. The goal should be achieved, we are excited but very, what are the partnership Justin Vendetta can announce.

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