Two-day festival celebrates 35th anniversary of ‘Gostbusters’

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The iconic for other uses, see ‘Ghostbusters’ is in the next year, 35 year and that is celebrated. Film studio Sony will organize in the summer of 2019, a two-day festival, all the way to the ever-popular film from 1984, is dedicated. Report that American and international filmmagazines on the authority of a press release that Sony Pictures has spread.

Or you in 1984, was then born or not, the chance is great that the intro of ‘Ghostbusters’ flawlessly can sing along or hum to. For more than three decades, the comedy with steracteur Bill Murray in the lead role, it is impossible to imagine the collective filmgeheugen.

Almost 34 years after the release in december of 1984 the film is already quite old, but forgotten he is not yet. Movie studio Sony has decided to up the comedy next year, on the occasion of the 35th birthday, even more in the spotlight. Those who travel very far on, can on 8 and 9 June, descend on the studios of Sony Pictures in Culver City, California.

In a press release, promises to be Sony exclusive panel discussions, gatherings, and even a special for the occasion developed ‘Ghostbusters’game in virtual reality. So can fans – in the style of the popular Pokemon game Go – yourself ghost hunting. The game in ‘augmented reality’ uses Google Maps and will be available on iOS and Android.

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