Trump is full of praise about Kim: ’Another time, another person

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SINGAPORE – Donald Trump looks back on his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The American president called the summit in a press conference , “fantastic” and said that a new history is written. Further, he announced that there will be peace will be concluded between the two Korea’s, but that the sanctions against North Korea for the time being in force.

Trump spoke in Singapore to a large crowd of journalists. He thanked various leaders in the region that the summit may have made, and spoke with only praise about Kim. ,,It is a different time with a different person,” he declared.

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Trump and Kim talked for a few hours. Then signed it with an agreement. Therein promises Pyongyang its nuclear program to build in exchange for security guarantees from the US.

The Us president has all the confidence that Pyongyang itself to the agreements will keep while in the past, otherwise pale. ,,Kim said that his country, in the past, wrong has acted”, said Trump. ,,He brought it himself.”

Dismantling nuclear program

According to Trump wanted Kim even more than eager to have an agreement on the dismantling of the nuclear program. ,,Because he is a good future for his country. I believe that he is going to keep”.

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Kim has, according to Trump also promised mortal remains of thousands of South Koreans to hand over. ,,The remnants will return, we quickly agreed.”

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