’Trump and Kim looked like two uitgehuwelijkten’

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AMSTERDAM, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un saw it Tuesday morning during their first meeting on the historic summit between America and North Korea as two people who each have to marry. That concludes psychologist Jeffrey Wijnberg, who is the facial expression and body language of both leaders studied.

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“The body language of both was serious, but also a little tense,” says Wijnberg. “In any case. Trump appeared to be slightly paternalistic, especially when he had his hand on the arm of Kim explained. As if he wanted to make clear: It is best to be a good boy, he means well.”

The psychologist noted, again, that Trump effort has a different stage to award. “He is the first to extend a hand, but then also the one that the attention terugpakt. They looked a bit like two people who are married and together now for the first time. Especially Trump-enough: We are to each other, and condemned, but there, it is pretty good. We are going to make something.”

The American leader was enjoying the moment, could Vineyard clearly show. “He knows that this is a historical event, but also enjoy the ‘suspence’, the tension. Occasionally, there was also a smile to see, he enjoys it. It is completely in line with his narcissistic personality.”

Kim looked sometimes a little bit like a ’schooljongetje’. “Someone who for the first time in a large candy store. He scarcely know where to look. He was a little awkward on this big international stage. He wanted to be very relaxed, but it was still tension in him.”

Vineyard also saw a deeper meaning in the handshake itself that Trump gave to Kim. He used this time with hesitation, his right hand to his dominance to stress, and with his handshake, he sends Kim. So it’s clear that he, literally and figuratively, the one who is at the wheel. He and no one else. Kim seems to be, even somewhat reluctant, to send.

However, the North Korean dictator, known as ’standing’ against the most powerful man in the world. “If they were chess, it would, I think, turn out to be a salonremise. But if I still have to a winner would have to choose, then I tend slightly to the Trump.”

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