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Thibaut Courtois is going to travel even just day to say in his old school: “it’s Good that he wants to do”

Thibaut Courtois took Tuesday, and time to say goodbye to his young fans in the Saint-Mauritiusschool in Bilzen, where ever he was. The goalkeeper of the Red Devils was warmly welcomed and got a good luck charm of the children.

Before Thibaut Courtois to the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia leaves, it gave the children the chance to be the national goalkeeper to meet. The children were also blissfully happy when their idol saw. “That gave me a very overwhelming feeling. Hopefully we can offer them lots to cheer,” said Courtois, who himself used to be at school. “I remember that I am always on the sports and playing football was, and that I like Physical Education did.”

Then were also given the children the opportunity to Courtois a few questions. So wanted the children to know what Courtois and the other Red Devils between the matching do. “We play card games and board games. We also play like ping pong and Playstation,” said Courtois.

The goalkeeper played a game with the children, and then he with them on the klasfoto went. Courtois also got a flag handed over as a good luck charm. “It is nice that Thibaut this will do for our city. And hopefully he stays until the final of 15 July in Russia,” said alderman of Education Bruno Steegen Open Vld).

All the matches of the Red Devils will be broadcast live on a large screen on the Market in Bilzen. The city hosts because – just as during the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2016 – ‘Café Courtois’, in cooperation with bvba Grasvreters and the family Courtois. “It is always nice to see that markets are full of people to see. We hope that everyone to ” Café Courtois’”, decided to Courtois.

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