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The small bookshop is pulling the alarm bell

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Copyright Bookshop, specialized in art and design books, is pulling the alarm bell: more and more book lovers to order prefer online then that they stop at the small bookstore.

‘Would you miss?’ Yesterday put Copyright Bookshop, bookshops in Antwerp and Ghent, an emotional call on Facebook that they book lovers urged to …

‘Would you miss?’ Yesterday put Copyright Bookshop, bookshops in Antwerp and Ghent, an emotional call on Facebook that they book lovers urged to be with them ‘now and then’ buy a book. “It is more difficult to keep going. We have your support is really needed, not only by likes but also in concrete terms.’

‘There is a minor panic, ” says Hilde Peleman, the owner of Copyright Bookshop, today on the line. “Everybody knows our bookstore, but there are going to be less and less books out the door. With the Facebookpost, I wanted to remind people that books need to buy if they want that we continue to exist. Because I fear for the future. A good name only you can’t eat.’

Of stop is, for now, no question. “Copyright is my baby, for the past 35 years,” says Peleman. “That I cannot and will not solve the problem. I now pull the alarm in order to prevent worse.’

Cut-throat online competition

Just last week launched a Book.be the campaign ” Buy time for a book’, that book sales in Flanders, to encourage and people to the bookstore wants to get. Especially the independent bookshop has a very difficult time. In the case of Copyright there are a number of practical reasons at the basis of the declining sales: the shop at the Antwerp fashion museum, which is two years long closed for renovation, mist by the closure of the museum a part of the public interested in modeboeken. In Gent, we notice that the circulatieplan customers to scare them off.’

At the same time feel the nicheboekhandel the competition of large online players such as Bol.com and Amazon. ‘Who each other is broken with competitive prices and drag down the small bookstore. If I get ten percent discount, then I will give almost a third of my profit away. It must be viable to continue, ” says Peleman. ‘People continue to be interested in art books, only buy them. Sometimes I have customers that are here an hour and a half and browse to then a cheaper online chain the book that they have interest in, to order.’

Also specialized offer you in a nicheboekhandel as Copyright, it is less tempting for readers to become, because in the meantime it is many just online to find. “In the past we were able to extract a few exclusive books, which no one else had. That exclusivity is under pressure because of the internationalization. It is harder to become an own face as a bookstore, ” says Peleman.

Too little place for books

Our changing lifestyle put the independent bookstore is under pressure. “As a small bookstore to make a difference with your personal opinion. But people get no more from us: they prefer to stay behind their computer and order as much as possible online, ” says Peleman. “I see at the same time that more and more people is less encapsulated and more frequent moving, which makes them in house less space for books. They find inspiration for their interior, then they find some nice lifestyleplaatjes on Instagram or Pinterest, which is also the koffietafelboek pressure.’

At the same time diving for the last few years conceptstores as Juttu and Sissy Boy who also books with good pictures sell. ‘That is really problematic become, ” says Bart Van Aken of the Ghent bookshop Paard van Troje. ‘That concepstores get the mustard in small bookstores, and that books than between their piles of clothes.’

Aachen has specialized in cookbooks and literature, organises regular events in his bookstore and also has a catering business in his bookstore to people to lure. “I still believe that literature is the independent bookstore can save, but for thick, richly illustrated book allows you to get more money than for a novel. With novels only red you don’t, you also have higher profit margins.”

Hilde Peleman is considering in the meantime, plenty of about possible solutions. “Maybe we should broaden and the very specialized books to let us pass, but I will never sell books where I’m not behind the stand, purely for the money,” she says. “And coffee serve, I leave that to others who can do better.’

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