South Korean president has sleepless night deep

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The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in has to own say a sleepless night in her by the meeting between the American president Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. That report various media.

For the beginning of a meeting with his kabinetsmedewerkers told Moon that he hopes that the summit will be a success and that there is ‘a new chapter’ can begin. “The summit between North Korea and the U.S. has just begun and I think that the eyes of all South Koreans are focused on Singapore,” he said.

‘I hope, along with all citizens, sincerely, that a new era will start of full denuclearization, peace and a new relationship between North Korea, South Korea and the U.S., ” he said according to news agency Yonhap.

The president realizes that there is still a long way to go. ‘The deep-seated, hostile relations and the North Korean nuclear issue can’t be solved with one meeting between leaders, ” he said. “Even after the two leaders of the dialogue, there is a need for a long process that in one or two years or even longer to solve the problems.’


In the long term, he hopes that the process that Tuesday was put in motion, will lead to the official end of the Korean war in 1953 only ended with a ceasefire. There is never a peace agreement is concluded.

A regeringsbron stated previously that the American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo on Wednesday to South Korea, draws to personally explain to you what the results of the summit.

Moon is seen by many as the driving force behind the breakthrough in diplomacy with North Korea. A first approach was made during the Olympics, when North and South Korea for the first time under one flag involved. The 2016 elected president is still an advocate of peaceful relations with Pyongyang.

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