‘Sexual partner Charlie Sheen was forced sekscontract to draw”

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An anonymous Russian woman says that she is by Charlie Sheen is forced to sign a contract. In the above-mentioned contract, she has given consent to unprotected sexual intercourse.

They are suing the actor because they have had unprotected sex while the actor knew he was hiv-positive.

At the beginning of may it became clear that Sheen his sexual partners, in advance, a contract to sign. In the geheimshoudingscontract includes medical records of the 52-year-old actor, who three years ago has let know hiv-positive.

According to the former sexual partner has the Sheen only after the community said that he is hiv-positive. The actor has previously denied.


The woman says that she subsequently is forced to take the ‘sekscontract’ signs, it appears from documents in the hands of TMZ.

When they came to Sheens house had arrived to sign the contract, she found there are four “criminal” men to. The woman claims that there are weapons of layers, including handguns.

She was to say to the garage accompanied. There she had to sign.


Because the woman is Russian, she could not understand what exactly is in the document. She thought that her something might happen if they the contract would not sign. Therefore, she decided to take her signature.

Before, it was already known that the woman an unknown amount of the actor’s demands. Previously complained Sheens ex fiance Brett Rossi him also for the concealment of his hiv infection and the exposure to the virus.

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