Seoul wants clarification about the end of ‘war games’

4844cdc8d582d1a5c92f7bed4fd6f857 - Seoul wants clarification about the end of 'war games'

SEOUL – The South Korean government is still waiting on clarification about the intention of the American president Donald Trump to the joint legeroefeningen with South Korea to end. ,,At this point we still need to figure out what the exact meaning of the remarks of president Trump,” said a South Korean government spokesman.

A South Korean newspaper opens of course with the news about the historic summit.

The Americans and their South Korean allies hold periodic joint legeroefeningen. North Korea sees these exercises as preparations for an invasion. Trump said Tuesday in Singapore that the “provocative” and “expensive” exercises to be temporarily discontinued.

,,The ‘war games’ are very expensive,” stated Trump, who said that his land bill for the largest part of the costs. He said that because of the negotiations with North Korea,is inappropriate” to such exercises.

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