SEE: Looks like Jochem Myjer on this boxer?

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Since the image of a boxer by artist Duane Hanson in the Kunsthal, the comedian via social media still pictures sent from people who felt that the image looked Jochem Myjer seemed.

Jochem Myjer

“Of course, only the head. (My retentive body means something to a lot of tasty food)”, writes Jochem with some self-mockery at a picture of him and the image on Instagram. He has the photo to make after a challenge from the Kunsthal. “Under the eye of dozens of visitors I have that done today. Sitting still was not easy!” The results of the test, he lets nothing loose, but was Jochem, the resemblance ’to be okay’. “Judge for yourself!”, he says.

“Oh really!!”, responding to a fan. “My first thought was that you in front of a mirror there, and that you “mirror image” what more muscled was made and there is a story behind it of how you yourself sometimes feel, or something.” This fan is not alone in his conclusion. “Twin brother”, is a frequently recurring comment.Another follower threw an analytical glance at the photo: “Your hair looks like. Your length might be as well. The composition of the lichaammassa (nice word ) is slightly different. Your eyebrows are lighter.” Nonsense, says a person with a tegensgestelde opinion. “It seems not at all.”

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