SEE: Daughter Robbie Williams is listening rather to Beyoncé

Little girls are often a big fan of their father, they see him as their great hero and some even go so far that they prefer with their dad want to marry her. Fortunately, that changes quickly when they are a teenager. The little girl of Robbie Williams on the other hand has already no longer so to her father.

Robbie Williams

“The youth of today”, writes Robbie Williams in a video on Instagram. The singer, together with his daughter behind a laptop, and he proudly shows one of his hits, Rock DJ, hear. While Robbie swinging on his chair, the girl is trying to have fun, she is determined not to be charmed by his music. “Daddy, can we please get Beyoncé to set up?”

Played hurt runs Williams back to the screen, meanwhile, shoots his wife hard in the laugh at the pathetic spectacle. Also the fans can be tasty laughing at the movie. A few notes that it was played like. Fake or not, funny it is in any case.

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