Rose McGowan supports Asia Argento

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After Argento’s partner Anthony Bourdain’s life is spoiled, she got a lot of criticism and accusations about him.

Actress Rose McGowan has travelled to Italy to her friend Asia Argento, known from the movie XXX, to assist in her grieving process, after her partner, tv chef Anthony Bourdain, last week committed suicide.

In an open letter from Rose, her respect for her friend, who, after the tragedy, simply get back to work. “Dear brothers and sisters, in front of me is a remarkable man and a brave survivor, Asia Argento, who is more experienced than most people could, and yet, she remains standing. She spoke out about her monstrous rapist and now she needs to decide on a monster, suicide. The suicide of her lover and ally, Anthony Bourdain.”

“Anthony’s depression meant that he no help could get. His decision, not hers. His depression won. I know that before Anthony, he died to help had asked, but the advice of the doctor is not supposed to be. And that has suffered this tragedy.’

In the media Argento often accusations about herself because her loved one commited suicide. Therefore, calls Rose for the fans and friends of Bourdain and the media for Argento not to blame for his death. She asks them to look further and not all the insults to believe.

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