Rose McGowan should avoid to cocaïnebezit

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Rose McGowan has been indicted for possession of prohibited substances. The actress showed last year, her purse lying in the plane which they to the Women’s March in Washington was flying. There were two bags of cocaine in there.

Rose McGowan

A so-called grand jury in Virginia decided Monday that McGowan should be. She was not present at the judgment and will, according to local station WTOP also Tuesday, when the date of her lawsuit is announced, not when. On cocaïnebezit is in the state of Virginia with a maximum penalty of ten years in prison.

Lawyers of the actress have suggested that Harvey Weinstein, the drugs in her stuff has to stop. That would be a retaliation for her allegations of sexual abuse to his address. McGowan was one of the first women who came out with misbruikverhalen about Weinstein. That put ultimately the #MeToo-movement in motion.

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