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Ripple support public schools with donations in the millions

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Ripple yesterday to announce that the company will support public school in America by making a donation. The leadership team should have donated your own money in the millions to the organization, DonorsChoose, in order to improve the work of teachers and students in America.

Ripple announced yesterday on several channels, that donations in the amount of more than $ 29 million have been invested in XRP at DonorsChoose. The money comes from the leadership itself and is intended to support schools in each American Federal state with financial resources.

DonorsChoose is a non-profit organization, the schools and teachers across the country and is trying to make the serious professional life of the teacher bearable. The following Video shows a short Interview with the marketing boss of Ripple, Monica Long, and a staff of

This message is of course good PR for the Ripple project and should have a positive impact on the Public Image.

Ripple writes on his Blog:

As a company, we’re focused on removing the friction from cross-border payments to promote more inclusion and accessibility within the global economy. applies the same principles of inclusion and accessibility to education.

We’re proud to be working with to nurture the next generation of leaders at public schools across America.

The price of Ripple shows itself unmoved, moves sideways and is on the editorial staff of time at a price of 0.47 Euro per XRP-Token.

The market capitalization is just under 18 billion euros. So that Ripple space 3 of the largest Cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

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