Putin hopes to know better

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Russia succeeded in the run-up to the world cup in their own country not yet to put a dent in a stick of butter to shoot. However, counts president Vladimir Putin on the success of Sbornaya, as the team of head coach Stanislav Cherchesov is affectionately called.

Archive view: Gianni Infantino asks for applause as Vladimir Putin, the world cup is lifted.

“Our national team has no great results, but we expect that our team is modern and interesting soccer on the mat will bring. We will fight to the end”, said Putin on Tuesday in a preview of the opening match on Thursday between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The last victory of the Russians dates back to 7 October 2017. Since that was four times lost and dirie time gelijkgespeeld. The past few weeks was with 1-0 loss from Austria and with 1-1 gelijkgespeeld against Turkey. Both countries are missing out on the world cup.

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