Presenters Radio Gaga are working together

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On 11 november 2018 is 100 years ago that the Armistice was declared. The VRT involves dwell with different programs. Know The Importance Of Limburg. Canvas will be on June 29, ‘Waterfront’, a project that fits in with the ‘GoneWest’project, live broadcasting. Joris Hessels and Dominique Van Malder (‘Radio Gaga’) are reporters on the spot and make a trip along the coast from Zeebrugge to Ostend. One brings on the 11th of november a conference under the name “Never at war” with more than six hours of live television. ‘Never at war’ is the culmination of a four-year commemoration of the Great War, in which several documentaries (including ‘War’) and prestigefictie (‘In Flanders Fields’ and ‘Parade’s End”) was achieved.

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