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Postbank study: 30 percent of German interested in crypto-currencies

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The Postbank is interested in crypto-currencies. But instead of its own digital services to the Portfolio, has conducted a study to explore the cryptographic interest of the Germans. They found that almost 30 percent of German citizens are interested in digital currency as an investment.

It is the fourth study conducted by Postbank is already, to find out how different areas of life of the German change as a result of the digitization. The focus of this so-called “Postbank digital study 2018” now the concern and interest in crypto-currencies. The time of the interview, throws a special light on the answers. Between the end of February and the end of March and 3,100 Germans were interviewed. So this is already some time after the big Hype at the end of last year and shortly after some significant price drops. This suggests that the exchange rate fluctuations and, consequently, always according to the increasing criticism of virtual currencies will not have a negative impact on the evaluation of crypto-currencies by the population.

Almost every Second person under 35 wants to invest in crypto-currencies

To be the younger population group is considered to be technology-savvy. Therefore, it is not surprising that 46 percent of 18 – to 34-currencies-Year to Crypto as a financial investment are interested. The so-called “Digital Natives” have currencies of the Postbank twice as often Cryptographic as the Federal German average – namely, 6 per cent. In addition, 14 percent of respondents under 35 want to within the next 12 months in crypto-currencies to invest. On average, only 8 per cent had given this Plan. In addition, the young faith of the respondents in the field of crypto-currencies to know about. While 20 % of respondents claim to know much about Bitcoin & co. are convinced almost 30% of under 35-Year-old to have good to very good background knowledge.

What the Germans want – A real danger?

The properties of the crypto-currencies of the regular system to distinguish the possibilities that lie with the respondents. The decentralized nature and independence of financial institutions was particularly fascinating. Especially women can enjoy this freedom. 60 per cent of them gave this as the reason for your interest. Of the men, there were only 51 percent. In contrast, 56 percent of men like the opportunity to be able to high profits with Bitcoin & co. Only 36 percent of the women were excited about for”To-The-Moon-” promise. One-third of the (supposed) anonymity of crypto-currencies as a reason for their interest. Still, the idea of fast wealth appears as an Association with Kryptos to resonate. So every fifth of the Respondents want to because of the “gold rush Feeling” to invest.

Dr. Thomas lack, Chief Digital Officer of Postbank, is surprised about this interest:

“It is noteworthy that the German interest in crypto-currencies as a financial investment, despite the high exchange rate losses, and Revelator risk is still large […] Here is a real danger that people will lose money, just because you follow a Hype is with security.”

It is undeniable that any investment carries a certain risk. But those who invest themselves fully informed and moderate, this is a risk also in the case of crypto-currencies low.

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