Pommeline regrets tattoos

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Pommeline, who as a tattoo artist in the case of her boyfriend Fabrizio Tzinaridis works, is itself now quite full with pictures. However, she regretted a number of tattoos on her body.

“On my nineteenth, I got my first tattoo, just a cross behind my ear, to feel what it is. In the meantime I have an estimated thirty. I have lost count, but I still have a lot of space,” says the ex-temptress, from Temptation Island to the Belgian Story. “My friend Fabrizio has now started on my right leg, that must fill with indianentekeningen. But that will be for after the summer. The older I get, the less good I the pain endure.”

Pommeline admits now ’addicted’ to the body decoration. “Well, others are crazy about art and paintings in the house, I want art on my body. Most of the tattoos have for me no emotional meaning, I think they are just beautiful. Later, the tattoos beautiful memories of the past. I am a cool grandma. The form may change by that time, but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s my body, I’ll do with it what I want.”

Despite the fact that the blonde was very proud of all the ink, she has also regret some of the pictures. “My arm, I would be different now tattooing, but I’m not waking up. Only the tattoo of my ex Friend I’m going to delete. I was there at the time was fully behind the ’M’ under my Thai tattoo of Temptation. If we were friends that remained, I would have that tattoo, but we are fierce quarrel split up. So I want to be as quickly as possible of that tattoo.

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