Photographer sued for rape after the scandal Swedish Academy

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Jean-Claude Arnault, a French photographer, is the central figure in the whirlwind of the Swedish Academy, the Nobel prize for literature awards. He was in the aftermath of #MeToo accused of sexual abuse and harassment, and now he is officially accused of rape.

The Swedish prosecutor Christina Voigt said that the evidence against Arnault ‘was sufficient for the prosecution’. Itself denies Arnault all allegations. “He says that he is innocent,” says the lawyer of Arnault, Bjorn Hurtig. ‘I’m not agree with the prosecutor that there is sufficient proof. There is no technical evidence, there are no witnesses and the alleged events date back a long time ago.”

The photographer is married to a former member of the Swedish Academy, Katarina Frostenson.

The cause of the scandal is outside of the Swedish Academy itself. In the aftermath of #MeToo accused eighteen women in november Arnault of sexual abuse and harassment. The alleged abuse would have taken place in the buildings of the Academy in Paris and Stockholm. In addition, it would Arnault the past few years, also the names of seven Nobel prize winners have leaked. In addition, the Forum, the exclusive club of Frostenson and Arnault, grants of the Academy.

The result of the scandal was that eight of the eighteen members of the Academy walked out, and that the award of the Nobel prize for Literature, a year was postponed. The winner of 2017 will work with the winner of 2018 to be published in 2019.

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