Oerol offers more cards to after record sales

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The 37th edition of the Festival is Friday from start. Last year there were 50,000 visitors and a record number of 120,000 theaterkaarten sold. The organization did therefore this year 121.500 cards for shows in the sales.

Occur on the beach of Terschelling, during the oerol festival.

At this moment there are 75,000 of the 121.500 cards purchased online. This culture on the island of Terschelling for ten days, enjoy theatre, music, dance, art and expeditions. Artistic director Kees Lesuis: “We are ready for it and have a lot of meaning in. I’m also super curious, because a lot of shows here on the island to be made, it is always exciting how it turns out.”

On the program are 38 representations of, among others, The Veenfabriek, Tomoko Mukaiyama and The Utvalgte. Also, there are artists such as De Kift, Afterpartees and Tim Knol. The Austrian dance company Liquid Loft takes care of the official opening programme, in which language plays an important role.

Creative director Joop Mulder, the festival in 1982, invented, took, last year, say goodbye to more focus on the artistic waddenproject Sense of Place. He had the artistic goings-on at Lesuis, that since 2006 the artistic director of Oerol and since the departure of Mulder, the program team activities.

Oerol is from 15 to 24 June.

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