Nobel committee into disrepute by verkrachtingszaak

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STOCKHOLM – The Swedish Public Prosecutor is suing the man who is the center of the history of the committee that every year the Nobel prize for Literature awards. Photographer Jean-Claude Arnault, the spouse of a member of the Swedish Academy, is suspected in 2011, a woman raped in Stockholm. He would twice have trespassed on the victim.

Photographer Jean-Claude Arnault and his wife Katarina Frostenson.

Multiple women accused Arnault last year of sexual misconduct. Also he would be responsible for the leaking of names of Nobel prize winners that he and his wife had received. That led to a crisis within the Academy. Several members resigned in protest against the approach of the scandal and the awarding of the Nobel prize for Literature was abandoned.

Prosecutor Christina Voigt said Tuesday that there is enough evidence to bring charges against Arnault. He denies the allegations. His lawyer contradicts that there is hard evidence. The lawyer stressed that there are no eyewitnesses and that the alleged abuse ,,it long ago” took place.

Prosecutors were investigating other allegations of abuse, but locks that research earlier this year. The lack of evidence. There were also some possible crimes already time-barred.

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