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New from the Crypto Valley: train options on the Blockchain

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In Crypto Valley Zug will be held in two weeks, the first choice on the Blockchain. In the pilot test, it is a so-called consultative vote, which has no legally binding character. Train falls nevertheless, in the ranks of the Legislatures, the use of the Blockchain for penetrations of votes.

The Swiss Canton of Zug is also the name of the Crypto Valley, this is known and applies to many of the emerging Startups from the Blockchain-the area as a first point of contact. By a very business-friendly regulatory framework and an innovative policy has acquired in the crypto scene and have an excellent reputation. Over 50 crypto-companies have their headquarters in the Crypto-Valley, including Yapo, ShapeShift, and the Ethereum Foundation.

That it is the entrepreneur friendly infrastructure of the Swiss Village off seriously with the development of the Blockchain has already been Set. Thus, the city had already started in may, 2016, a pilot project in which the citizens could turn to pay for public services in Bitcoin. By the end of 2017, the commercial registry office, the train, in which you can pay thanks to a partnership with the Bitcoin Suisse AG fees in Bitcoin or Ether then followed. The next step will follow soon, if in the Canton of Zug, the first elections to the Blockchhain be carried out.

Advisory vote on Blockchain-based

In two weeks, on 25. June, start of the pilot experiment: for One week, until 1. July can participate in the residents train at a consultative vote. The prerequisite is that the participant is the holder of a blockchain-based digital ID. Thus, the residents of the city can register through an App secures personal information using the Blockchain technology and crypto-address linked to your identity. In the consultative vote, the digital ID should come now, for the first time.

It is planned according to the Portal city a vote of two Yes/no questions and a selection question:

1 – you will Find it good that at the Zug lake festival every year, a fireworks display illuminates the sky? (Yes/No)

2 – Experience the process of voting by means of Digital-ID as a simple? (Yes/No)

3 – Present a variety of application to be evaluated the possibilities of the digital ID. Which of the following application options would you pursue? (one answer possible):

a) lending of books in the library by means of digital ID
b) payment of Parking fees by means of digital ID and exit in urban Parking garages
c) rental of city bikes in different places of the city
d) access to TRAIN-the LOGIN and the submission of the electronic tax Declaration
e) regular national surveys

Others have tried it also

The Canton of Zug, however, is not the first Administration that starts a call attempt to the Blockchain. In may of this year, in the U.S. state of West Virginia, was used as a mobile Voting platform for the Startups Voatz. Participation in the Blockchain of choice, however, was limited to the foreign-based members of the military from two of the 55 counties. Also in Moscow you think about election mechanisms that use the Blockchain technology for voting of a civil society citizens ‘ network.

As a hoax has put the message out, in Sierra Leone, had been elected with the help of the Blockchain. Contradictory statements by the National Electoral Commission (NEC), and the Swiss Startups Agora had led to a controversy.

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