Miss World finalist suspected of abuse

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Naomi van der Procedure, a former classmate of one of the finalists of Miss World, The Netherlands has a declaration made against Ilayda Doruk. The alleged victim would last Koningsdag badly hurt.

Group photo of all the finalists

The 17-year-old finalist would already have problems with the woman who now accuses of abuse. “I heard someone shouting the loudest. But even before I look back and could see, I was my hair pulled and I was by four girls beaten. Only on my face,” says Van der Procedure to Shownieuws.

Sema Doruk, the mother of Ilayda, takes it for her daughter. “Suddenly, they come now with that my child is a perpetrator of abuse or threat. It is simply not true. My daughter is now considered to be the perpetrator, while they have not even answered.”

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