Michael and Barbie lay quarrels with

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Michael and Samantha have a good conversation and had their quarrels of the past, settled. That reveals Barbie on Instagram.

In an emotional post to thank all her family and friends for the support over the past time. “Thanks to you, I hold me own on the leg.” Also, she is focusing her ex Michael and his new girlfriend Naomi. “Despite everything that has been said, we have the uigepraat, everything for the kids. We start with a clean slate. Thank you for all the support for Milano. Know that sometimes hate, but hope that we are with them all through 1 door.”

Barbie and Michael were the last time, quite at odds with each other. So accused Barbie her ex that he becomes an accomplice to her suicide attempt. Also, she was angry about that Michael, their children, in her eyes, the other shrugged. Daughter Angelina, who lives in Barbie in the Netherlands, son Milan at Michael in Spain.

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