Martin Koolhoven on the radio BBC about the rise of populism

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The popular BBC radio programme The Arts Hour, take a 20 June a special broadcast on the Netherlands.

Martin Koolhoven won with Brimstone the Golden Calf for Best Director

The recording will take place in Theatre Tobacco in Amsterdam. Guests include director Martin Koolhoven and writer Herman Koch, is on ticketsite Eventbrite to read.

Presenter Nikki Bedi goes with Koolhoven, Koch and architect Ellen van Loon in conversation about the global impact of the Dutch culture. Also, the rise of populism in the Netherlands are presented, and the extent to which this reputation of Amsterdam as the liberal capital of the world has affected.

The three guests are chosen because they have the past few years, international success knew. Herman Koch had a worldwide hit with his book The Dinner and Koolhoven has garnered a lot of praise and prizes for his grim English western Brimstone. There are also performances from standup comedian Said El Hassnaoui and the Amsterdam based band My Baby.

The program is later this summer broadcast. BBC World Service Radio has a range of 66 million people around the world.

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