Marc Anthony for millions robbed

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The former accountant of Marc Anthony has announced that he will be there in eight years, around 9 million dollars (more than 7.5 million euros) of the singer through hunted. Marc would be the theft not have noticed.

Marc Anthony

According to the New York Post’s well-known Kyle Tessiero Monday for the judge that for years he used to a luxury life led by the credit of the singer to use for expensive trips, dinners and strip clubs. He ran against the lamp when American Express asked questions about the expenditure on the cards. The auditor gave himself immediately to the police.

His confession Monday is part of a deal that Tessiero concluded with the public prosecutor. He said there is also a boat and a car to sell, so he’s about a ton of stolen 9 million to reimburse. In addition, he needs two to nine years to prison. The precise penalty is in september established.

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