Man wrongly declared dead and come to

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MÖDLING – A medical worker has a 68-year-old man mistakenly declared dead in Austria. The counselor felt no heartbeat and thought all lijkvlekken to see.

That said a spokeswoman of the Red Cross against the newspaper Heute.

The authorities took a look at the house of the man, because his neighbors are to him for quite some time now not more had seen. The rescuers found then the seemingly lifeless body of the pensioner. After he was dead, declared, left the rescue team again.

The ’body’ began suddenly to groan when later police officers in the house arrived. A nearby doctor was then about the 68-year-old. The spokeswoman of the Red Cross said that there have been a huge error of judgement. The care worker that the man is dead, glittering eyes, is now working for the relief organization.

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