Macedonia is no more, long live North-Macedonia

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Greece is willing to put his northern neighbour to recognize as ‘Republic of Northern Macedonia.’

The name of Macedonia since 1991 reason for discussion between Greece and Macedonia. The governments in Athens put the not on the price that the neighbouring country after the separation of Yugoslavia, the same name as a Greek province on behalf. It helped not that Skopje claims seemed to want to focus on the figure of Alexander the Great. Macedonia was therefore officially by the life as ‘the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia ” or FYROM.

Months of negotiations under the supervision of the two prime ministers, Alexis Tsipras, and Zoran Zaev, have Tuesday night to a breakthrough led. “We have a deal’ left Tsipras to know. Zaev confirmed that. Republic of Northern Macedonia is according to a Greek regeringsbron the compromise.

The agreement is crucial because the name issue, the rapprochement of Macedonia to Nato and the European Union stood in the way. The European Commission has proposed a few weeks ago for that accession negotiations should be started with candidate country Macedonia if there is a solution for the name issue.

The coalition partner of Tsipras, Independent Greeks, supports the compromise, not because there are still Macedonia. Defence Minister Panos Kammenos predicts that the compromise was shot in Macedonia, where both parliament and the people their blessing. It is only when that is done, you want to Tsipras, the agreement to submit to the Greek parliament. )

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